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Green gram dhal-1/4 cup



Green chillies-5

Curry and coriander leaves

Salt to taste

Fresh scrapped coconut –little

Oil –3 table spoon

Turmaric –1/2 tea spoon


Method:Roast Green gram dhal till warm,wash sago and dhal separately keep in the pressure cooker with quarter part of water to the vessel to boil do 3-4 whistles, remove and see whether they are cooked if not keep once again in the cooker for two whistles

In a vessel take oil ad mustard seed to it when they splutter add onions when they are half  done

add tomatoes cook for some time when they are done add green chilli paste ,coconut ,turmaric and the boiled sago and green gram dhal and boil well in low flame for 5 minutes squeeze lemon and serve hot with coriander and fresh coconut on the top,

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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