United states of South India

By | March 24, 2018

United States of South India – The new Idea being floated recently. The whole issue has come up as the next finance commission has given a greater weight-age  to the population.  This is direct incentive being given to the BIMARU states, who failed in the national mission of population control.

The Five South Indian States are Image result for south India mapgenerally more advanced states than the rest of India barring Maharashtra and Gujarat.However, on the name of federalism, these are really given a raw deal and penalized for their efficiency.

The people of this region are basically more law abiding and

However, when it comes to distributing of national wealth, the south Indian states are ignored. This is literally penalizing the efficiency.

They get less than 70% of what they contribute. In fact all the part that is south of Vindhya shall be united and made into a block. I am not suggesting a secession here, but they need to be united to ensure that they get what these states deserve.

The South Indian states get a raw deal in everything.

  • They are forced to use Hindi and nothing in return
  • They dont get the funds for development.
  • They are forced to meet their own expenses and very little central assistance.
  • Their employment is snatched by the North Indians
  • No special Institutes in South India

In fact they generate more employment which is enjoyed by the North Indian states. This is leading to resentment and calls for Dravidanadu or Deccan Country. The situation will fast deteriorate if this situation continues