NPS – More than a pension scheme

NPS is one of the excellent pension scheme available in the market especially for those in higher income tax bracket. While the biggest dragger is the lock in period, it is evolving over time. The advantages of NPS come from its safety. The pension fund industry is highly regulated. The fund management costs are less. you… Read More »

Growth Option Vs Dividend Option

Its always a difficult choice when asked to choose between Growth Option Vs Dividend Option while investing in mutual funds. Most of the experts and advisers suggest to opt for Growth Option. The reason given for that is to use the “power of compounding”. However, I would differ with all these. I would go for a… Read More »

Demonetization – A Master Stroke

The Demonetization announced by PM Narendra Modi  is really a master stroke of sorts. At one stroke, he has made it clear that India now means business. In doing, there was a huge political risk. He went ahead and declared country is above politics. The benefits are yet to be seen from this step. There… Read More »